Behati Prinsloo Gets Inked For Adam Levine: New Tattoo Means 'I'm Taken' Says Model

Behati Prinsloo got a new tattoo in honor of her husband, Adam Levine. The supermodel decided to get three dots of ink on her left ring finger, and she says that the meaning is very special to her. According to Extra, Prinsloo wants everyone to know that she is a married woman, even if she's not wearing her wedding rings.

"The three dots meaning being one with the earth. I wanted it on my wedding finger so if I take my rings off… I wanted something to [convey] I'm taken," Prinsloo explained during an interview ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Behati Prinsloo also talked about the incredible year that she has had, highlighting her wedding to Adam Levine as the best part. While she says that she doesn't feel any different being married, she acknowledged that there is some comfort in knowing that she's with the right person and that they are really together.

"It's just a solidness. You're with the person you should be, so it's a very comforting, amazing feeling, but I don't feel different," she said. Behati and Adam will undoubtedly be spending the holidays together, but she admitted that they don't have a solid plan just yet.

According to Us Weekly, the newlyweds spent Thanksgiving together, and Behati shared a sweet selfie of her and her man on Instagram. It's clear that they have a lot of fun together and that they are really just enjoying their lives to the fullest right now.

Behati Prinsloo isn't the only one who is super happy about being married, either. During a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, The Voice mentor opened up about having a wife, and how much he loves saying the word.

"I use that word [wife] right now a lot. I say it for no reason. I say it a lot — 'Wife wife wife,' I love it. I even changed her number in my phone to 'Wife,'" Levine said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adam featured his wife in the music video forAnimals. The video was quite intense and very sexy, but Adam wanted to have Behati as the star (and why wouldn't he? She's gorgeous!). In 2015, Maroon V will be heading out on tour. Surely Prinsloo will meet up with her husband, and attend a couple of his shows, don't you think?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Ryan Seacrest]