Jill Scott Defends Bill Cosby, Says Media Is Trying To Ruin His Legacy

Jill Scott, the famous neo-soul singer and actress decided to sound off on the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby. Scott, who never minces her words, set everyone straight on Twitter.

It all began when Scott retweeted a Twitter user comparing the Bill Cosby rape allegations to Michael Jackson’s child molestation allegations. The user tweeted, “All I can think of reading all this is the parents confessing they lied bout their child being abused by Michael. [Time] will tell.”

Once she retweeted defending Bill Cosby, Scott put herself in a line of fire for other users to come forward. Most did not agree with the singer, but despite that Scott didn’t back down and was strong in her convictions that Cosby was wrongfully accused by seventeen women.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the accounts of 20 women with extremely similar tales. @missjillscott @SimplyBerry @curlyheadRED

— Jas Bailey (@JasBaileyTweets) December 1, 2014

In so many words, Scott said that even though victims have come forward, there’s no proof that they were raped by Bill Cosby.

In another tweet, Scott said, “I’m respecting a man who has done more for the image of Brown people that almost anyone EVER. From Fat Albert to the Huxtables.”

Now that all of these rape allegations are coming to the forefront of Cosby’s legacy, many are in fact questioning if we can reconcile his private life to save his influential body of work. Should people disassociate his work from his persona life? Many think it should be separate while others say that this is something that people need to take into consideration while thinking about Cosby’s history.

The Week’s Sabrina Imbler was adamant about where she stood and how people will continue to consume Cosby’s works.

“We can’t say for sure if Bill Cosby is a rapist, but we effectively silence the voices of these 14 women if we consume his entertainments without acknowledging their accusations. Ignoring their claims only perpetuates rape culture.”

She continued, “But while commanding us to abandon Bill Cosby and his entire body of work may be the morally righteous response, it’s a great deal to ask. You can’t just tell people to hate The Cosby Show — it was full of love and laughter and was groundbreaking television that introduced a new archetype of the American family.”

What do you think of Jill Scott and Sabrina Imbler’s comments?

[Image via Shelly Wall / Shutterstock.com]