Gabrielle Union Videobombs Dwyane Wade, Says He Is ‘Good For An Old Geezer’

Gabrielle Union interrupted an interview Sunday night between her husband and the reporter Fox Sports Miami. Gabrielle videobombed the post-game chat with jokes about Dwyane’s age and performance after missing seven games due to a hamstring injury.

According to ESPN, Wade’s return Sunday night against the New York Knicks was impressive. Dwyane scored 27 points for the Miami Heat, including 13 in the fourth quarter. The Heat won by a 86-79 margin. During his absence, critics said Wade was old and no longer in his prime. However, Gabrielle stole the show by mocking those critics.

“He did good for an old geezer. It’s nice. It’s good.”

Gabrielle Union's Videobomb on Instagram
"Photobomb... Madison Square Garden edition... he wasn't reaaadddyyyy (in my @kevinhart4real voice)," Gabrielle said on Instagram.

Gabrielle also took jabs at Wade’s free throw average, even if Wade helped the Heat move forward with a 9-7 record and third place in the Southeast Division, according to the Washington Post. In 32 minutes, Gabrielle’s husband made 11 of 18 field goals and five of seven free throws. He also had five assists and five rebounds.

“I mean a hamstring pull, wow. To come back with 27 points, we’re going to talk about the free throws later.”

Wade teammate, Chris Bosh, and Union are making videobombs a Miami Heat tradition, much to the enjoyment of fans.

Gabrielle has also been outspoken lately regarding the Fappening. As reported by the Inquisitr, Union’s private photos she shared with her husband were leaked alongside many other female celebrities’ nude photos. The actress had her legal team respond in conjunction with investigations by the FBI into the hackers who stole the photos. Union said that the leaks were a part of a history of attacks on women and children, especially women of color.

Gabrielle and Dwyane married in late August of this year. The two dated off and on for five years and became engaged in December 2013. It is the second marriage for both the actress and the basketball star, who has three children from previous relationships.

Gabrielle has certainly not let the Fappening stop her from enjoying watching her husband play basketball.

Watch below as Gabrielle shares her thoughts on her husband’s performance on the court.

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