Actress Slapped And ‘Manhandled’ By Muslim Man For Daring To Be Sexy On TV?

Was a Bollywood actress slapped for being sexy?

Actress Gauhar Khan was physically assaulted on the set of an Indian singing competition called Raw Star on Sunday. The incident reportedly happened because a male audience member was livid at the celebrity over her provocative dress and behavior.

The man, who has since been identified as a driver named Mohammad Akil Malik, had allegedly been taunting the actress during parts of the show.

According to the Hindustan Times, the 24-year-old man was making comments about Gauhar’s choice of clothing, which upset the Bollywood actress.

The Times, quoting an anonymous police officer, said he “demanded to know how she could wear short skirts and dance to cheap music despite being a Muslim.”

Security moved to escort the heckler from the audience, and that is when things are said to have turned physical.

Rather than simply leave, Malik was said to have run up on stage to where the startled actress was and slapped her. The audience member also reportedly “manhandled” the Khan before being forced away by security.

The Hindustan Times said that the heckler was then beaten by a finalist in the reality TV singing competition and one of the producers.

Reuters claims that the man elected to justify his behavior to police by claiming that as “a Muslim woman, she shouldn’t have worn such a short dress.”

Indian police weren’t interested in this justification.

Police officer V.S. Chavan said Tuesday that following the incident, the man was charged with assault, molestation, and threatening behavior.

Malik is due in court on Thursday.

As for the violently accosted actress, Gauhar Khan proved herself to be a true professional. She reportedly took an hour to get herself together and then came back to finish recording the remainder of the show.

In this video of the incident posted by Lehren TV, you can see the aftermath of Khan being slapped. The actress was seen crying and shouting following the assault.

GauharKhan has since spoken out about her bizarre and unfortunate encounter.

“I thank my family, friends, fans, media, TV industry and film industry for all the love and support.

I assure you all that I am hurt, but not out. I am shocked but more determined. I felt injured but stronger than ever.”

Gauhar Khan won the seventh season of popular Indian reality TV show Big Boss, and is also known for acting in several Bollywood films.

[Image Credit: Lehren TV YouTube]