VIDEO: Promoter Killed In Monster Truck Accident

A monster truck promoter is dead after being run over by a monster truck at a show in Wisconsin. Investigators are now looking at amateur video that captured the entire accident.

Monster Truck Accident

The promoter, George Eisenhart Jr., walked in front of a massive blue truck at Saturday's Motor Sports Monster Truck & Thrill Show at the Dane County Coliseum. Eisenhart had spoken about safety at monster truck shows in a TV interview just one day earlier.

Investigators say the driver -- a 20-year veteran of the circuit named Daniel Patrick -- did not see Eisenhart step in front of his vehicle. They also believe Eisenhart did not realize he was walking in the truck's path.

Monster Truck Promoter Killed

Eisenhart died from his injuries. No charges are expected to be filed, though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is looking into the incident.

A 6-year-old boy died at a Monster Jam event in Tacoma, Washington earlier this month. He was hit by a piece of metal that flew off one of the vehicles.

Monster Truck Accident Video

The following video report shows the moments leading up to the Monster Truck accident. You can also follow this link to see another report with more video and witness testimony.