Weird Skin Care Tricks: Five To Try

When you think of skin care products that work as promised, images of uber-pricey creams, serums, and spa treatments might come to mind. But honey, lip balm, and other everyday things can help keep you looking fab while you save money. Try some of these weird skin care tricks for yourself!

Hemorrhoid Cream: If you often find yourself with bags under your eyes, dab the area with hemorrhoid cream. Much less costly than skin care solutions designed to do the same thing, this concoction shrinks tissue rapidly, helping you look bright and fresh. There’s no need to buy a brand-name hemorrhoid cream for skin; you’ll get the same level of care from a generic brand. Try it for wrinkles, too!

Baking Soda: Not only does baking soda help give cookies and cakes their characteristic texture, it also deodorizes everything from the fridge to the cat box. It also happens to be great for making skin care products at home. Try mixing a bit with a dab your favorite shower gel or facial cleanser to make a thick paste that makes a wonderful exfoliating treatment. Take care to scrub in gentle, circular motions for best results. You can also use it to make DIY deodorant.

Lip Balm: Lip balms made with natural ingredients are great for keeping your pout looking its prettiest, but did you know you can also use this humble, inexpensive beauty staple for moisturizing the delicate skin around your eyes, removing eye makeup, and keeping cuticles from becoming dry and cracked? These are just a few ways you use your favorite lip balm. The Huffington Post reports that it’s also a great substitute for some common household helpers.

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Almonds: While you can toss a handful of almonds into the food processer and use the resulting powder to make a natural body scrub, you can also care for your skin from the inside out by noshing on a handful of almonds once a day. Doris Day, MD, told Prevention that they’re part of her own daily beauty regimen.

“They contain essential fatty acids, which help put the brakes on inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging, and blotchiness.”

Honey: Moisturize dry skin with a simple mask made with pure honey. Before showering, put your hair up, slather about a tablespoon of honey onto your face and neck, and relax for about ten minutes. As a bonus, this sweet potion is much more appealing than snail slime, which definitely tops the list of weird skin care solutions.

Image courtesy of Ashley Beauty Blog