Xtreme Justice League: Real Life Superheroes

Xtreme Justice League, a group of crime fighters, is always ready to save the day. Whenever there's trouble in San Diego, the community knows that they can count on the members of the crime fighting group to save them. These people are not your ordinary policemen, they are regular citizens dressed up as superheroes.

The group was established in 2006 by Mr. Xtreme in order to keep the public safe. Mr. Xtreme himself was a victim of violence and came from a struggling background, which is why the cause of the Xtreme Justice League is close to his heart.

"I wanted to do something positive, heroic, and also as a way of protest against indifference in society. People are being victimized, and I feel like someone has to take a stand."
According to Mirror UK, Xtreme Justice League now has 25 members including Midnight Highwayman, Fallen Boy, Spartan, and Light Fist. Each of these men and women come from different backgrounds. Some are students, others are ex-military, and several are volunteers who were inspired by their favorite comic book heroes.

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Mr. Extreme said that they sometimes face ridicule for wearing fancy costumes while patrolling the streets, but he doesn't mind and says that he does it for the good of the people.

"I've actually saved a life volunteering, so I know from true experience that what we do is very valuable and meaningful. If I was not there, this person might not have lived. So even if some people might think it's ridiculous, I know it's not."
Each member hides his identity by wearing colorful costumes, just like a superhero. Members of the league take their volunteer work seriously. They patrol the dark alleys, check in on the homeless, break-up fights, and even escort women safely to their homes.

The Xtreme Justice League is open to applicants, but they must meet criteria. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have their own costume, and must commit to at least one patrol that lasts for two hours each week.

Upon acceptance, members go through training for martial arts, conflict resolution, basic first aid, and citizen's arrest. Although they don't carry guns, they are allowed to have self-defense tools such as pepper spray.

"This is what you can legally do to prevent crime. Yeah, we draw on the influence from those fictional comic book vigilantes, but we know what's real. What we can and can't do."
[Images via Xtreme Justice League]