Santa Claus Shames Shoppers Lined Up At Best Buy For 'Ruining Thanksgiving' [Video]

Last week, the United States indulged in its annual tradition of a monumental sale known as Black Friday. The Inquisitr took the time to report on news related to the notorious shopping day which includes a new set record for background checks for people buying firearms. Microsoft took the day in the console wars and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 took the day at the box office. Unfortunately, Black Friday's news began with a tragic shooting at Nordstroms.

Still, no matter if you wait hours in line for the newest thingamajig, or stay at home to mentally point and laugh at "consumerist zombies," it is clear certain people are upset that Black Friday sales are ruining the tradition of spending time with family and giving thanks for one's blessings. This is being done by having the sales not open on Friday, but on Thanksgiving day itself. Just to let you know how much of an atrocity this is, Santa Claus armed himself with a bullhorn, showed up to shame shoppers lining up in front of Best Buy on Thanksgiving Day.

I know the above sounds a bit dramatic but Mark Dice, an activist and author notoriously known for his "Man on the Street" videos, and his thorough research and knowledge pertaining to Illuminati symbolism in pop culture, did dress up as Santa Claus while verbally chastising shoppers waiting in line through a bullhorn. The event was filmed at the Best Buy located at Oceanside, California at 3:40 pm PST on Thanksgiving Day. Of course Dice had to make sure to insult the people calling them "degenerate subhumans ruining Thanksgiving."

There is a certainty you already saw the video but if not, it is attached above for your viewing pleasure. I also written out the poem he recites below, just in case you can't hear him.

"It's the night of Thanksgiving and all across the land,The zombies went shopping with their credit cards in hand."

"Thanksgiving is now ruined because of parasites like you,Trading family and friends for a flat screen that's new."

"When out of the parking lot there arose such a clatter,It's a Santa with a bullhorn to remind you what matters."

"Mentally enslaved morons in social-mania sleeps,Degenerate subhumans racing towards your graves."

"When America goes bankrupt, you can look in the mirror,People like you are the reason why the New World Order is here."

Kind of catchy right? And to be fair, Mark Dice isn't alone in his disdain. Last year, the Huffington Post published an article on the reactions people gave when Walmart announced their Black Friday sales would start on Thanksgiving at 6 pm. Many people expressed their disgust with Walmart. However, the giant retailer made a statement that more people are actually happy that Black Friday sales are starting on Thanksgiving day, as described by Deisha Barnett, senior director of corporate communications for Walmart at the time.
"The happy people far outnumber the people who might not want to shop on Black Friday."
Maybe that's why stores are opening up on Thanksgiving. Still, the new Black Friday sale hours are cutting into the hours recognized for family and loved ones to spend time together at the dinner table after giving thanks which is the primary reason why people are upset in the first place. In that light, do you think Mark Dice (along with many others) is right to shame Black Friday shoppers on Thanksgiving?

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