Man Drinks 10 Cans Of Coke A Day, See What Happened

We all know that drinking soda is bad for the health, but George Prior wanted to experience the effects of drinking 10 cans of Coke per day.

Prior, 50, is a healthy and buff man from Los Angeles who wanted to do the month-long experiment to remind people how unhealthy it is to drink soda. We already know that 10 cans of Coke a day is bad, but why did Prior choose the number?

He said that most people probably drink three to four cans of soda daily, but they also consume other drinks high in sugar including juice, drinks from Starbucks, and smoothies. With that, all the sugar consumed daily can be easily equivalent to the sugar level of 10 cans of coke.

Prior told Yahoo Health about how he got the idea.

“I got the idea because I read that Jude Law drank 10 Cokes a day to gain weight for his Dom Hemingway role, and I was joking with one of my brothers that that was probably a diet for some people. But then we realized that amount of sugar isn’t that far from the norm for many Americans.”

On the first day of the experiment, Prior went to the doctor who said he was in good health. He weighed 168 pounds, had a body fat rating of 9.4, and blood pressure 129/77. He then went on to consume 10 Cokes daily, adding a total of 390 grams of sugar and 1,400 calories to his daily diet.

After 30 days, Prior’s weight went up to 191 pounds, his body fat increased to 15.3, and his blood pressure was 143/96. In addition to piling on the weight, Prior also had intense cravings for Coke and feared that he was becoming addicted to it, Mirror UK reports.

Man Drinks 10 Cans Of Coke A Day

After the experiment, Prior said that would prefer not to do it again, as he doesn’t like the weight added to his body.

“The actual drinking of the 10 Cokes got to be an irritating chore every day. There were a lot of visits to the restroom, a feeling of constant fullness, and a clutter of cans everywhere.”

Prior also added that children should not drink sodas and even juices, as it contains high sugar. However, preventing children from drinking juice could be difficult, especially since some parents believe that the juice they purchase are all natural.

Prior lost five pounds in just four days when he stopped drinking Coke after the experiment.