November 14, 2020
Holly Sonders Sprawls Out Before Her TV In A Bra & Blue Jeans

Model, Instagram star and host Holly Sonders returned to Instagram on Friday, November 13, with a spicy new picture for her nearly 500,000 followers to enjoy. In the uploaded photo, the 33-year-old sat on a wide sofa with her legs stretched out before her, a remote control in her hand and her eyes positioned as if she were watching television.

Sonders provided sizzle for the shot by appearing in a skintight pair of blue jeans and that looked to have been undone, as well as a velvety red bra. It was a revealing ensemble that thoroughly accentuated her shapely, athletic figure.

In the accompanying caption, the former standout golfer indicated that she and her friends were all watching TV. She also asked her fans whether they preferred watching live broadcasts, recorded programs or streaming services. And while a large number of them gave legitimate answers, many were content to rave about Sonders' ravishing looks in the update.

"If you are next to me looking like that I wouldn't care what was on," wrote one commenter.

"You look amazing on that couch," added a second supporter.

"Need some company?"
"I would not argue with you about [what] we are going to watch Holly," confessed another enamored admirer.
"Soooo....tomorrow night? Sunday? I'm flexible."
"I only watch the #HollySonders channel," joked a fourth follower.
"Except when the Masters is being played."
Sonders' fans also showed their enthusiasm for her sexy share by double-tapping it to the tune of 2,000-plus likes in a little over an hour.Sonders' flowing locks were shown sweeping over her left side where they blanketed her shoulder, arm and ample bosom. She caressed the strands at her temple with her left fingertips while her other hand clutched the remote control on the opposite end of the sofa. All the while, her dark eyes peered directly ahead at an upward angle.

She accessorized with a large, hooped earring in the photo and added a magenta flourish to her full, pouty lips.

The Golf Channel and Fox Sports alum's famously sizable bust was adorned by a bra that only just managed to contain her assets. The garment was a deep shade of crimson and its velvety material gave off a slight scintillation in the light.

Finally, Sonders' lissome legs, one of which was bent upward at the knee, were perfectly covered by her stonewash jeans. At the bottom of the photo's frame, her bare feet could be seen extending out of them.

Less than 24 hours before documenting her scanty binge-watching session, Sonders had already ignited her popular feed with a black and white snap in which she showcased major cleavage while posing before a bathroom mirror.