Xbox LIVE Attack Disrupts Service, Group Threatens More For Christmas [Update]

Scott Grill

The group or individual responsible for taking down PlayStation Network,, and other services earlier this year returned yet again on Monday. This time they turned their sites toward Xbox LIVE and briefly brought the service down, and threatened more for attacks for Christmas.

Update: Xbox LIVE appears to be back up and functioning normally.

Original Story:

Xbox LIVE went down around 8 pm ET on Monday. The Lizard Squad posted the following tweet in response.

— Lizard Squad (@LizardPatrol) December 2, 2014

— Kdin Jenzen (@AH_Kdin) December 2, 2014

This appears to be the opening salvo from Lizard Squad, however. The group is promising more attacks on Xbox LIVE this holiday.

— Lizard Squad (@LizardPatrol) December 2, 2014

— Lizard Squad (@LizardPatrol) December 2, 2014

[Images via Xbox]