Chelsea Houska’s Ex-Boyfriend Adam Lind Arrested: New Details Emerge As Brooke Beaton Files Restraining Order

Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend was reportedly involved in a domestic incident with an ex-girlfriend over the weekend, which led to his arrest. According to reports, Adam Lind was charged with domestic stalking after a messy split from Brooke Beaton.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, Lind was arrested and jailed at the Minnehaha County Jail in South Dakota around 8 pm on Sunday night. Hours after the report surfaced, new details emerged regarding Lind’s day in court and Beaton’s restraining order filing.

“As of Monday morning, the 25-year-old reality star was held without bond on domestic stalking charges,” Us Weekly reported on Monday evening. “Hours later, Lind appeared in court and his bond was set at $3,000. No further details were released regarding the charges and who it involved.”

While the defendant in the case hasn’t been officially revealed by the authorities, the fact that Beaton filed a restraining order against Chelsea Houska’s ex, and the father of her daughter, Aubree, a short time after the incident gives reason to believe it was her.

“He has a very bad temper,” Beaton told Radar Online after filing the documents, in which she claimed Lind attacked her at the Swiftel Center on Friday, November 28. According to Beaton, she and Lind were watching her son race dirt bikes when Lind approached her from behind.

“Adam grabbed me by the back of the arms and threw me to the side,” she wrote, adding Lind knocked the person in front of her down a flight of stairs. “By the time I got down the stairs, he was gone. He took off running.”

In a separate incident, Beaton claimed Chelsea Houska’s ex “threw [her] against a wall and punched a hole in the closet door.”

“Adam has been violent often in the past few months. Adam has threatened to kill my family and is also contacting my family on Facebook and also via phone/text. There were multiple times he threatened me. I am very scared for my safety and for my children’s [safety].”

Once Beaton reported the incident, she was granted a temporary restraining order against Lind, which requires him to stay at least 100 feet away from her, and her son and daughter. “They gathered information and took pictures of the bruising on both my arms,” she claimed.

“I…have two children who are very afraid of Adam,” Beaton added.

Lind is due in court for a hearing on December 15.

Chelsea Houska, who the Inquisitr revealed recently suffered the loss of her dog, has yet to release a statement regarding Lind’s arrest.

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