November 13, 2020
WWE News: Eddie Guerrero's Daughter Sends Heartfelt Message To Father On 15th Anniversary Of His Death

Shaul Guerrero took to Twitter earlier and sent a heartfelt message to her father, Eddie Guerrero, on the 15th anniversary of his passing.

The Hall of Famer's daughter stated that his legacy goes beyond wrestling to her. She revealed that he raised her to be the person she is today and talked about his upbeat and entertaining personality.

Shaul also shared a family photo that was taken when she and her sister were still children. Eddie and his wife, Vickie Guerrero, sat with their daughters on their laps.

All of the family members smiled for the camera and looked happy, and that's the memories Shaul has of spending time with her dad.

Eddie's daughter wasn't the only person who mourned his loss and paid tribute to him today, however. The comments section was full of emotional sentiments from fans, many of whom noted how the Hall of Famer had such a positive impact on their lives as well.

"He lives on in all of us who loved him, for me he was a role model during my childhood, things were not always so good & I could just watch him, whether it was his humor, or him serious. I was never bored watching him. I am grateful to him for that," tweeted one fan.

"Beautiful words said there. He was amazing as a person, clearly more than a wrestler to us WWE fans," wrote a second Twitter user.

"RIP Eddie! One of the best of all time," tweeted a third fan.

As documented by The Inquisitr, Eddie passed away at the age of 38 as a result of acute heart failure. He was found unconscious on a hotel room floor by his nephew, Chavo Guerrero Jr, and died shortly after.

The legendary superstar was highly thought of among his peers and WWE management. As The Inquisitr report highlighted, Vince McMahon pushed him due to his ability to connect with fans, both as a face and heel, and have great matches with anyone he was put against.

He won eventually won the World Championship, defeating Brock Lesnar in what is often cited as one of the best wrestling matches in the company's history.

Following his passing, he was inducted posthumously into the WWE, AAA, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fames.

Shaul has also followed in her father's footsteps and entered the sports entertainment business. She previously competed in McMahon's promotion as a member of the NXT brand.

She has also found a calling as a ring announcer and even called an AEW tournament earlier this year.