Justin Long Accidentally Sang ‘Shake It Off’ In Front Of Taylor Swift

Justin Long recently had an embarrassing encounter with pop sensation Taylor Swift. While the two of them were enjoying a Knicks basketball game, Swift’s song “Shake It Off” came on over the loudspeaker. Not realizing that he was sitting directly beside the artist of the song, Long started humming along to “Shake It Off.”

According to the Huffington Post, Justin Long hummed “Shake It Off” loud enough that Taylor Swift, who actually sings the song, took notice and started laughing at him. Long was thoroughly embarrassed by this, particularly since he didn’t even notice Swift was sitting next to him.

“At one point they were playing that song ‘Shake It Off’ — that song, you all know it,” Justin Long told the Huffington Post. “It’s one of those songs that really gets in your head, really crawls in there.” Justin then started to hum ‘Shake It Off.’ “And of course she heard it. And she was like, ‘Oh,’ and sort of started laughing, and I was so embarrassed.”

It might seem as though Justin Long intentionally sang along to “Shake It Off” to get Taylor Swift’s attention, or to impress her. It’s a reasonable thing to do since Swift has been enjoying massive success lately — especially following the release of her new album 1989 (which features “Shake It Off”) and after a stunning performance of “Blank Space” at the American Music Awards. But Long insists he wasn’t singing “Shake It Off” on purpose, and if he’d noticed that Taylor Swift was within earshot, he never would have done it.

“I didn’t do it so she would hear me,” he said. “I wouldn’t have done it had I been all that conscious of all that. But she was really sweet about it. She was, like, ‘That’s the whole point of the album!'”

Apparently, “Shake It Off” is meant to get stuck in your head to the point where you can’t help but hum along.

Long went on to say that despite the “Shake It Off” incident, Taylor Swift was “shockingly down to Earth,” and that she knew a lot about the Knicks.

According to ET, Swift’s “Shake It Off” has helped 1989 skyrocket to the number one spot on the Billboard top 200. More than 1.287 million copies of the album have sold within the first week. Meanwhile, “Shake It Off” also made it to number one on the singles charts.

To listen to “Shake It Off” and see how catchy it is for yourself, check out the official “Shake It Off” music video below.

What do you think of “Shake It Off”? Is it stuck in your head?

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