Iggy Azalea Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Tries To Erase It From The Internet [Video]

A celebrity’s worst nightmare is having a wardrobe malfunction on stage or somewhere in public. Things can get even worse when a paparazzi or cell phone camera is around to capture the moment and post it all over the internet. This is what happened to Iggy Azalea this week when she suffered an inevitable wardrobe malfunction and subsequently tried to remove the evidence from the internet.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, a video has been circulating online of Iggy Azalea performing at a Bar Mitzvah, of all places, when her pants spontaneously split apart. Since the incident, people have been passing the footage of Iggy all around the net. And when you find a piece of embarrassing footage of a celebrity as big as Iggy Azalea, you know it’s going to go viral. Even so, Azalea’s representatives have tried desperately to contain the outbreak of the video and even have Iggy’s wardrobe malfunction wiped from the internet completely.

Iggy Azalea even stipulated that nobody use cell phones during her performance, but that didn’t stop some audience members from sneaking in a bit of filming during the pants-ripping. Iggy was supposedly performing for Julian Kemper, who is the grandson of the businessman Kirk Kerkorian. While it might seem more mortifying to have your pants rip open at a child’s celebration, at least Iggy can be thankful it didn’t happen in front of a loaded stadium, or on live television.

Hollywood Reporter claims that the malfunction happened while Azalea was performing her hit Jennifer Lopez collaboration “Booty,” when her own famous rear end decided it was an appropriate time to make an appearance. It seems it was Iggy Azalea’s twerking that triggered the break in fabric.

According to Billboard, Azalea’s representatives hurried to call all of the guests of the Bar Mitzvah, asking them to delete any footage they might have of Iggy’s mishap. But either they didn’t act fast enough, or the guests denied their requests, because a video of Iggy Azalea’s wardrobe malfunction is still available on YouTube, in the video below. The footage is mildly NSFW, but does not feature any nudity. Azalea’s reps were approached for comment on the matter but have not responded.

Iggy Azalea has a pretty tough reputation, and will probably shake off the embarrassing accident. Iggy recently showed off her courage when she lashed back at fellow hip-hop star Eminem, who recently rapped about raping Azalea. To find out what Iggy’s vicious response was, check out the report here.