‘Little Couple’ Spoiler Preview: Will And Zoey Have Grand Times In New Season With Jen And Bill

Little Couple fans are anxious for the season premiere set to air on TLC on Tuesday, December 2. It’s only been a few months since the previous season ended, but fans never get tired of watching Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey. What will the family be sharing in the new season?

People shared a new Little Couple spoiler preview. Zoey and Will are going to be baptized in the coming season, with family from both Jen and Bill’s sides taking on the Godparent roles. Both kids seem to take the baptism ceremony in stride, with Will exclaiming he is wet and soon “Mo wet.”

Recently, Bill Klein had to undergo surgery for his back, and he admits that it’s taking a while to feel like himself again. In Klein’s typical style, he jokes that Jen has been taking care of him and “rubbing my back when I’m whining.” He adds, though, that he’s grateful to have an understanding wife. Fans love just about everything about Little Couple, but Jen and Bill’s commitment to one another is certainly quite high on the list.

Luckily, Jen Arnold’s cancer continues to be in remission, it seems. She is back to working long hours, and she says she’s just trying to keep her head above water. Arnold admits that finding the balance between work, life, and parenting is harder than she expected it to be.

Despite health scares and work pressures, Jen and Bill are enjoying and embracing life. Arnold says that Zoey and Will adore one another, and it seems that they are two peas in a pod. The coming season will showcase a lot of endearing Will and Zoey moments as the two play, tackle preschool, and keep viewers smiling.

Arnold shares that this season viewers will also see the Little Couple stars get involved in the Speak Now for Kids campaign. The organization is one that Arnold is quite passionate about, and viewers will learn much more about the group and how they can get involved when the new season of the show begins.

The Little Couple family has kept quite busy in the months since fans last saw them on TLC, and it seems that much of their fun will be showcased in this new season. Everybody will see Bill’s surgery, but they will hopefully also see the great times Will and Zoey had for Halloween and Thanksgiving this fall as well.

New episodes of Little Couple with Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey begin on Tuesday, December 2 on TLC.

[Image via Charity de Meer/TLC]