‘Game Of Thrones: Iron From Ice’ Launch Trailer Visits Lannisters, Ramsey, And Forresters

The first episode of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series is set to release this week. The developer behind the episodic game series based on HBO’s Game of Thrones released the launch trailer today, showing the different perspectives that the game will be played from as well as some of the major characters that will be encountered from the show’s major families.

Since this is based on Game of Thrones, Episode One: Iron from Ice and the remaining episodes will introduce a large number of characters. The main focus is on House Forrester, an ancient house loyal to the Starks, who are caught up in the War of the Five Kings. Since the events take place at the end of Season 3 through the end of Season 4, this is after the Stark house has essentially fallen and the North falls under the control of House Fray.

Players will switch between five different characters that belong to House Forrester. Every member of the House has been revealed already, but which ones are playable has not been confirmed.

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Based on the trailers and descriptions, it appears that Mira Forrester (via Polygon) will be one. She serves as a handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell at King’s Landing. Asher Forrester (via Game Informer), the exiled son residing in Essos is another.

Who the other three are is up for debate. The Escapist originally said that Ryon, the youngest Forrester, was playable, but took that statement back. Gared Tuttle, Lord Forrester’s squire (via IGN), seems a likely candidate, as does Malcolm Branfield, Lady Forrester’s brother (via The Nerdist).

There are of course non-House Forrester characters as well. Most notably shown during the trailers so far are Tyrion and Circe Lannister. The latter will likely act as the evil foil to Mira at King’s Landing while Ramsey Snow will serve as the foil in the North. You can check out a quick summary of all the Forrester’s below via Game Informer.

Lord Gregor Forrester
The lord of House Forrester is pledged to House Glover, which is in turn pledged to House Stark. You can read Lord Gregor’s full bio at USA Today.

Lady Elissa Forrester
Lady Elissa is the matriarch of House Forrester, wed to Lord Gregor following the defeat of the mad king, Aerys Targaryen. Read her full bio at Mashable.

Rodrick Forrester
The eldest son of House Forrester is held home to protect Ironrath. You can read his full bio at Entertainment Weekly.

Talia Forrester
Named for Lady Elissa’s mother, Talia is the twin sister of Ethan Forrester. You can read her full bio at Gamesradar.

Mira Forrester
The eldest daughter of House Forrester was sent to learn the ways of the Southron court by her mother. She serves as a handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell. You can read her full bio at Polygon.

Ethan Forrester
Ethan is the twin of Talia. He is drawn to educational pursuits but has been thrust into the War of Five Kings. You can read more about him at Gamespot.

Ryon Forrester
Ryon is the youngest child of the house and spends his days chasing the twins around Ironrath. You can read his full bio on The Escapist.

Royland Degore
The quick-tempered master-at-arms for House Forrester saw his family wiped out at the hands of the Greyjoy rebellion. You can read his full bio at The Verge.

Maester Ortengryn
Ortengryn serves the Forresters and is advisor to Lord Gregor. You can read his full bio at Wired.

Gared Tuttle
Lord Forrester’s squire has risen from lowborn origins to serve House Forrester. You can read his full bio at IGN.

Duncan Tuttle
Duncan is a close friend of Lord Gregor Forrester and serves as the house castellan. You can read his bio at Yahoo Games.

Malcolm Branfield
Lady Forrester’s brother is the only other survivor of his house. He’s also the last of his line. You can read his full bio at The Nerdist.

Episode One: Iron from Ice will be released Tuesday, December 2 for the PlayStation 4 in North America and PC via Steam and the Telltale Online Store. It will then hit the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Wednesday plus PlayStation 4 in Europe. An iOS release will happen on Thursday, December 4 followed by a worldwide PlayStation 3 release on December 9.

[Images via Telltale Games]