Nicole Scherzinger Instagram Posts Spill Her Workout Secrets For Weight Loss

According to Google, more than 135,000 people search for the name “Nicole Scherzinger” each month, with a portion of those searches being terms like “Nicole Scherzinger weight” and “Nicole Scherzinger workout” and “Nicole Scherzinger body,” to name a few. Apparently people have been enamored with the fitness routine of Scherzinger ever since she caught the world’s attention in the breakout out hit song titled “Don’t Cha” that lead singer Nicole performed with her former band members, The Pussycat Dolls.

Like plenty of other folks fascinated with getting their figures in check, Nicole uses her Instagram account to let fans in on her workout secrets. First Scherzinger posted photos of candy bars that she purchased from service stations then Nicole told the world via Instagram that she got up early the next morning for a spinning class – one wherein a friend accompanied Scherzinger – to burn off the calories from the junk food she’d eaten. It’s the same tactic used by fitness experts like Kayla Itsines, whose Instagram fitness journey is tracked on websites like Muuve.

Nicole professes that she had to learn to love her body, reports Yahoo, especially after the 36-year-old Scherzinger previously endured an eating disorder that forced doctors to seek all sorts of medical solutions to try and help Nicole get better.

“I had a lot of people helping me. I had doctors who put me on medication because they didn’t know how they could help me psychologically. It’s a mental illness. I worked on myself a lot. Once you’re free from the chains of it, it’s liberating because you waste so much of your energy putting yourself down. Hating yourself and saying, ‘I’m not enough.’ It really does consume your whole life. You get your life back when you let go. Us chicks are so hard on ourselves, we’re always comparing ourselves but you gotta put your energy somewhere that feels good. And now I just flipping love myself!”

Indeed, although Nicole Scherzinger and 29-year-old boyfriend Lewis Hamilton – the 2014 Formula One World Champion – reportedly aren’t ready for marriage or kids quite yet, as seen in the Inquisitr, no doubt once Nicole does feel the pitter-patter of a baby bump emerging, her workout routines can adjust in the same manner that other celebrities utilize while experiencing healthy and fit pregnancies.

Either way, fans of Scherzinger will keep their eyes on the “Nicole Scherzy” Instagram page for more workout clues.