Bo Pelini Fallout: Players Livid About Coach’s Firing

On Sunday morning, Bo Pelini was informed he was no longer the head coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Shortly thereafter, the players and coaches at the University found out through an email. Not long after that, all heck broke loose, and when the firing was made officially, Bo Pelini supporters on the team and on the recruiting trail made their voices heard.

As the New York Post points out, in the digital age, it’s simply not easy to fire someone who was apparently as popular with his players as Bo Pelini was and not hear about it. With Twitter and Facebook being a tool Pelini’s players use to interact with the fans, now those same players are using the medium to vent their anger and take some shots at the man who fired their coach.

Among those who have been the most vocal about the firing, and been the most vocal about how much he dislikes the decision to fire Bo Pelini, is defensive back Josh Mitchell. Mitchell spent hours on Twitter on Sunday making it clear he was furious.

While the DB might have been the most vocal, there were plenty of other players such as Westerkamp and quarterback Tommy Armstrong who were clearly stunned and hurt that their coach was let go.

Some players seemed to understand that Pelini’s firing was drawing quite a bit of attention and chose not to join the chorus, instead likely handling their dislike of the situation in private. Ameer Abdullah, the team’s star running back, was one player who made no public mention of Pelini’s dismissal.

On Facebook, one prominent Husker was clearly not happy about Bo’s removal as head coach. Defensive end Randy Gregory posted a cryptic message that seemed to go along with Bo’s firing in which he hinted he was going pro. When he was asked whether or not the replacement for Pelini might change his mind, he didn’t respond. Clearly, the firing of Bo Pelini isn’t sitting well with the young men he most recently coached.