Will Megan Fox Play Usagi Tsukino in Live Action 'Sailor Moon' Movie?

Sailor Moon was created in the 90s, starring in her own series of manga and eventually an anime series. In celebration of her 20-year anniversary. the animated series was reincarnated with a direct adaptation of the original series, with a new styling to bring it current. The resurgence of popularity across the world has even coerced talk about a live action movie. Although an official movie announcement has not been verified, and at this point is considered only a rumor, Megan Fox has voiced her interest in playing the lead role of Usagi Tsukino.

According to KPop Starz, there have been previous talks about a live action Sailor Moon movie starring Geena Davis as Queen Beryl. However, the talks went nowhere afterward. However, Megan Fox revealed that she would be excited to bring the project to the big screen as the lead role, yet she wonders how it would fair in the United States.

"That could feasibly be made into a live action movie. I don't know how many Americans were into that. I was into that, but I don't know how huge it was here."
Although Megan Fox may not know how far the Sailor Moon franchise reaches throughout the world, fans from nearly every continent have immersed themselves in Sailor Moon's world. However, the desire for a live action version of the anime would need to be crafted in such a way as it stays true to the animated series and not become a face like so many animated icons that have made it to the big screen, He-Man for example. Metro shares that a live action television series aired in Japan at one time, and there have been multiple stage shows that paved the way for a potential movie.

If a movie were to be produced, a majority of fans feel that Megan Fox is not the right choice to play Sailor Moon, according to a poll on the Metro site. However, despite not looking the part, her passion for the project might shine through.

Since Megan Fox brought up the idea of playing Sailor Moon, there could be some behind the scenes work on a potential movie that coerced her to speak up, or she could just be spouting off projects she would like to work on. No one knows for certain. However, if Sailor Moon were to make it to the big screen, who would you like to see in the line up?

[Photo Courtesy: L.A. Republic]