Is Javi Marroquin’s Marriage To Kailyn Lowry In Trouble?

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry have been married since 2012. Although they have had their troubles, the Teen Mom 2 couple has worked through everything. Of course, they haven’t been without their share of drama and a new report claims that Kail’s marriage is in trouble, and that she “basically admitted it.”

A lot has changed for the couple since they first met, though. The two married in a quickie wedding prior to Javi leaving for Air Force boot camp. After that, speculation that Javi could be stationed halfway across the country had some fans wondering if the two would even be able to live together after he graduated. The fact that Kailyn shares custody of her son Isaac with Jo Rivera made moving a potential roadblock. Luckily, Javi Marroquin wasn’t required to move too far for his job, and Kail was able to follow him to Delaware. The couple soon welcomed a son together, and ever since, they have been pretty happy.

However, some people have started to think that perhaps the couple isn’t doing as well as they say they are online. Fans note the lack of pictures together, and now the picture that allegedly proves Javi and Kailyn’s marriage is in trouble has people talking. Unfortunately, the photo really doesn’t show much of anything and the Teen Mom 2 mom has pointed that out herself.

The photo in question shows Kailyn posing in some Dallas Cowboys attire. She posted the photo when her team, the Dallas Cowboys, played against Javi Marroquin’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles. To commemorate the event, she snapped a selfie of herself in the mirror and her wedding ring is not visible on her hand. Immediately, fans started to think that Javi and his wife were having issues simply because Kail’s ring was not visible. However, the actual explanation is much simpler than that – the photo was taken in a mirror and is essentially backwards.

When the Teen Mom 2 mom caught wind of the article stating her marriage to Javi Marroquin was in jeopardy, she commented on it and explained everything.

“This is so funny to me. The mirror IS BACKWARDS.”

Needless to say, the wedding ring was there, but on Kailyn’s other hand, you know, the one that isn’t visible in the picture. Even though she has addressed the rumor, it likely won’t stop more from circulating. Both Javi and Kail have had to deal with their fair share of drama since appearing on Teen Mom 2, and that likely won’t change anytime soon. Despite that, they deal with everything the best they can.

In fact, just recently people were wondering why Kail had changed her Twitter name from “Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin” back to “Kailyn Lowry.” While this didn’t signal trouble in their marriage, some people took it that way. However, Kail is best known professionally with the last name “Lowry,” and that is likely why she hasn’t taken Javi’s last name professionally. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the reality show star recently went on tour to promote her memoir which she published under the name “Kail Lowry.”

Teen Mom 2 fans can rest assured knowing that Javi Marroquin’s marriage to Kail Lowry is not in trouble.

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