Abu Dhabi Opens World’s Largest Rollercoaster Restaurant – Watch Your Food Get Served Through Network Of Loops And Spirals

A company in Abu Dhabi, capitol of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has served up a new twist in the fiercely competitive restaurant business with a restaurant that is not just themed, but behaves like a rollercoaster.

Uniquely themed restaurants have always been a major attraction for out-of-town tourists. People tend to flock to these eateries as if they are places of interest. Located in an upscale shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, ROGO’s has a network of rollercoaster tracks that deliver food and drinks straight from the kitchen to customers’ tables. Currently, the restaurant has a set of 30 individual rollercoaster tracks – one for each table.

After customers have placed their orders on tablet computers, they are asked to sit back and await delivery of their meals that are served in sealed pots. These sealed containers race along a network of double loops, spirals and turns that is spread out through the 14,000 square-foot restaurant. The whole spectacle takes place at Yas Mall, on the man-made Yas Island, reported the Daily Mail.

Explaining the whole concept, Jessica Wadih Al-Absi, chairman and chief executive of JWA Group, the restaurant’s operator, said,

“Our technology makes dining fun as it transports both cold and hot food and drinks along the multi-spiral, double loop and tornado tracks. Each table has its own individually designed rollercoaster track and a unique silent delivery system that thrills diners as they get to watch their food make a gravity-defying 360-degree journey to their table. Each dish is presented in individual pots, making it a real journey of discovery from start to finish, and one that we know will resonate with children and fun-loving adults alike.”

While the attractions might have been intended for entertaining patrons, many suspect the whole automation is intended to reduce manpower. Statistics suggest average monthly salary of a waiter in Abu Dhabi is around $1000 per month. The whole delivery system cost the company about $250,000. With a capacity to sit 360 people, the expenditure on human resources is quite steep, which the company stands to save.

Global brands have been eagerly flocking over to Abu Dhabi with the steady emergence of mega malls across the emirate, reported Gulf Business. Such restaurants sure add value to the region. However, such a high level of automation results in hundreds of waiters losing their livelihood to robots.

Interestingly, the restaurant hasn’t clarified about what happens to the presentation and garnishing that any dish served in an upscale restaurant receives. Imagine what must be happening to a dish after it descends down a gigantic, tornado-shaped spiral.

[Image Credit | HeineMack Group]