Racist KO’ed With One Punch By Brother Of Man He Abused, Can’t Eat Solid Food For Two Weeks

A drunken man who shouted racist abuse at a total stranger paid a heavy price for hurling his vile insults — but so did the man who made him pay. Sami Krasniqi, the brother of a man racially abused by inebriated passer-by Zack Collins, will be spending a year in jail after his act of harsh retribution left Collins unable to eat solid food for two weeks.

In fact, Collins suffered such severe injuries from Krasniqi’s single punch that he was unable even to consume liquefied, blended food through a straw.

The entire incident, which took place in Plymouth, England, on June 22 — and was captured on surveillance video, viewable above. Authorities in Plymouth were alerted to Collins racist antics at about 6 a.m. after a night of carousing and drinking in local nightclubs.

Collins was reportedly shouting abusive and racist taunts at numerous strangers he passed on the street at that early hour, so the secret video cameras were trained on him, to capture any potential criminal acts of violence.

They did in indeed capture one, but with Collins the victim, not the perpetrator.

When he spat a sickening racial insult at Krasniqi’s brother, Sami Krasniqi saw “the red mist come down,” he told a judge last week.

As the video shows, Krasniqi charged Collins from behind and threw a single punch to the racist abuser’s head, knocking him out cold.

But being knocked out wasn’t even the worst of it for Collins. Whether from the punch, the fall that resulted, or both, Collins lost his two front teeth and four of is lower teeth. His jaw was broken along with an ear canal bone, and he took a severe cut to the inside of his cheek and a laceration to his tongue more than an inch long.

Krasniqi told the judge that he did not intend to injure Collins as severely as he did. Instead, he wanted to inflict only “a fat lip.”

Krasniqi’s defense lawyer said the 26-year-old and his family members endure racist taunts every day of their lives, and when he heard yet another one cruelly leveled at his brother, he simply snapped. Earlier that very night, he’d been subject to a racist taunt from a female pedestrian with whom he’d had an accidental collision on the sidewalk.

“He has to realize he can’t take the law into his own hands,” said Nigel Hall, who represented the remorseful attacker. “he knows that racial abuse isn’t going to stop and he has to learn how to deal with it.”

Krasniqi was serving a suspended sentence for an earlier conviction, and was given four months in jail for violating his suspension. He was then slapped with eight additional months behind bars for his one-punch knockout attack on the racist.