‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Makes A Move, Victoria Gets The Paternity Results

What can fans expect from The Young and the Restless this week? The paternity results are in for Victoria’s baby, and at least one Genoa City resident will be fighting for his life. There are some juicy Young and Restless spoilers available for the episodes airing the week of December 1, and fans won’t want to miss them.

According to She Knows Soaps, the paternity results are revealed on Monday’s show. Who is baby Katie’s father? Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Billy is the baby’s father rather than Ben. While both men were hoping the tests would reveal they fathered Victoria’s baby, Ben is gracious, and leaves the hospital while Billy stays and holds Katie. They decide to give her the middle name of Rose, which was Delia’s favorite. Victoria and Billy leave the hospital together to take Katie home.

Also ahead this week, Summer will tear into Sharon for what she’s done and Nick is found unconscious outside Constance’s house. She will ask Adam to come help, and when he comes out and sees that it’s Nick, he’s naturally taken aback.

Young & the Restless spoilers via We Love Soaps reveal that Nick will be fighting for his life this week, and it seems that Sage will realize that Adam already knows Nick. Victor is not happy to see Billy holding Katie, and Chelsea tells Ben that she is going to do her best to ensure that Billy and Victoria don’t fall back together now that the baby’s paternity has been revealed.

Maureen will get in touch with Nikki this week, while Michael receives news regarding his diagnosis. Dylan is receiving threats, while Hilary’s big plan blows up. Kelly will also lash out at Jack this week. Mariah and Kevin will connect, and she will share some details with him about her past. Also this week, Phyllis is making quite the impact at Jabot.

At the end of the week, Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Joe will work on patching things up with Avery, while Ben happens to catch Ashley off-guard. Fans will also get the development they’ve been waiting nearly a year to see: Adam will finally return to Genoa City.

Will Nick figure out who Adam really is? It seems likely that Adam will continue to keep his true identity under wraps for a bit yet, and viewers can’t wait to see how Adam, now played by Justin Hartley, shakes things up back home. Tune in to new episodes of The Young & the Restless airing weekdays on CBS.

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