‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny And Paul’s Past Revealed, Melanie In Trouble

Days of Our Lives fans have been on a wild ride over the past few months when it comes to their favorite couples, and according to the latest spoilers, fans of Sonny and Will’s pairing are set to be stunned next.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Days of Our Lives fan favorite couple Sonny and Will are likely set for some hard times ahead.

In the latest spoiler video released by NBC, fans find out that Paul Norita, the handsome young professional baseball player that has all the women swooning at the hospital, is actually gay and Sonny’s ex-boyfriend.

In the video, Sonny sees Paul at the hospital and shows him his wedding ring, revealing to his ex that he’s found the person he’s supposed to be with for the rest of his life. Paul tells Sonny that he doesn’t believe that for a minute, and then the two share a steamy kiss.

Days of Our Lives fans know that Sonny and Will’s marriage is already on shaky terms, as Will took off with his mother Sami and daughter Ari to Hollywood to write the screenplay for a movie based on Sami Brady’s life.

However, there have been little hints about the fact that Will has been too busy to keep in contact with his husband, and Sonny is obviously upset about the situation.

This week, Sonny will finally hear from Will, but the couple will only end up fighting over the phone, which could drive Sonny right into the arms of his ex-boyfriend, Paul. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumor has it that Sonny may cheat on husband Will, which would cause the marriage to be severely strained, or even end for good.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives’ latest returning character, Melanie Jonas, will have her own drama to deal with. Viewers watched last week as Melanie rolled back into Salem unannounced and was hiding a ton of money.

This week, fans will find out more about Melanie’s newest troubles, as her life will be in danger from whoever it is that she’s running from.

Melanie Jonas is known to cause trouble, but this time it could be her worst run of bad luck yet. By returning to Salem, she’s brought danger back to her hometown where her family lives.

Will Melanie’s latest stunt end up hurting those she loves most, such as her father Daniel, brother Parker, and grandmother Maggie?

Perhaps Brady Black will find out Melanie’s secret and focus his attention on helping her. Brady seems to like helping the damsel in distress, and usually ends up falling in love with them in the process.

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