Jodeci Reunites On Soul Train Awards Stage — And Lip Syncs?

Jodeci. For several weeks, fans and critics of the popular 90s R&B group have been eagerly anticipating their performance at the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards which aired on Sunday night.

When the average R&B fan thinks of groups from the 90s that they would have loved to see reunite on stage for at least one great performance, Jodeci more than likely would have been featured towards the top of that list.

There was definitely a Jodeci performance that aired on the Soul Train Music Awards. The performance featured quite a few of the group’s biggest hits, including “Come and Talk to Me,” “Freek’N You,” and “Forever My Lady.”

On paper, it would seem as if nothing could possibly go wrong, and that everything was set up beautifully for a memorable performance. If each of the guys from Jodeci wanted their performance to become a trending topic online immediately after it aired, their goal was achieved successfully.

The only problem is that most people are talking about the fact that it didn’t seem as if they were actually singing any of the songs that they “performed” at all.

It truly did seem like Jodeci lip-synced their songs from start to finish — and did not do a very good job at it either.

Rolling Out reports that DeVante Swing had a live mic as the hype man, but K-Ci (the lead singer) missed several cues while lip-syncing his own vocals, and did not do a very good job at hiding it from the audience or the cameras.

It is true that fans got a chance to hear the brand new Jodeci single, “Nobody Wins” featuring B.o.B. during the medley performance. However, most of the reactions and responses posted on Twitter about the Jodeci reunion have more to do with the lip-syncing than the new single.

The group is trying to revamp their career and hopefully get back on the charts with their upcoming new album and future tour plans. Do you think that they will continue to lip-sync their songs long after their Soul Train Music Awards performance?

[Image Credit: Magic Baltimore]