Xbox One Vs PS4: Black Friday Sales Show Xbox Won In 2014

The Xbox One vs PS4 console wars have reached their second peak after the first year. According to Black Friday 2014 sales results, the winner was Microsoft.

It appears Microsoft did everything they could to move their newest console, including cutting the price by an extra $50 and bundling it with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin's Creed: Unity, or Destiny, for the infamous biggest week of the sales year. Their gamble paid off, as Cyber Monday approached and the Xbox One sales outperformed those of the PlayStation 4.

This could signal a continuing turnaround for Microsoft's newest console, after ridicule haunted its sales in 2013. The poor PR surrounding the console and Microsoft's insistence on doing everything we didn't want earned it the nickname that Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb had a problem with, Xbone.

Xbox One vs PS4 sales in 2014 have been noticeably changing Microsoft's image and helping us forget those things that tainted it before. PlayStation 4 is still outselling its rival for the year, but the Black Friday 2014 sales records are proving that Microsoft can definitely earn the lead, if just for a week.

In a bar graph released by InfoScout, the Xbox won with a majority of 53 percent, trailed by the PlayStation 4 at 31 percent, with the Xbox 360 coming in at third place with nine percent. Nintendo didn't fair so well, grabbing only six percent of Black Friday sales with the Wii U, despite the obvious success of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros..

The sales records were collected through a poll involving nearly 200,000 participants who sent pictures of their receipts via smartphone.

Even though the PlayStation 4 trailed behind this time, Sony still reported better sales than last year. This is expected with the second year of a new console's shelf life, as game developers are getting better at developing titles for them and learning new tricks.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft's attempt to push Assassin's Creed: Unity didn't show the progress they had hoped.

The fact that the PlayStation 4 didn't drop in price and still came in at second place shows that Sony had no need to worry, and could still win the PS4 vs Xbox One sales war for the second year.

As Cyber Monday flies by, we now see what Microsoft may need to do to win next year's Xbox One vs PS4 console war in sales figures. Another permanent price drop probably isn't likely until the end of the console's life span, but it doesn't look like Microsoft or Sony really needs to worry about it.

[Image via Attack of the Fanboy]