November 17, 2020
Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Shares Video Of Actor Chris Evans Cuddling Her Dog

American gymnast Aly Raisman thrilled her fans on Sunday by sharing a video of Captain America: The First Avenger star Chris Evans cuddling her adorable rescue dog.

Aly, 26, posted the cute clip on her Twitter page. Chris, 39, stood in a kitchen and held the athlete's gray-and-white pet pooch, Mylo, in his arms. The actor wore a cozy white cable knit sweater similar to the one that he sported in the 2019 whodunit Knives Out. The 1985 hit song "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" blasted in the background.

Aly was behind the camera, and she spoke to her sweet pup as he placed his paws on one of his holder's buff shoulders. Mylo also rested his nose there and gave the actor's bearded face a quick sniff. When he turned his head to the side, he received a smooch on the neck.

The clip concluded when the floppy-eared dog trained his bright blue eyes on the camera. He looked chill and relaxed as he enjoyed his snuggle session.

Aly described her canine companion and The Avengers star as "best buds," but some of her fans were more interested in why she was spending time with the human half of the handsome duo. Her tweet immediately sparked romance speculation, with many of her 1 million followers letting her know that they loved the idea of the Olympic gold medalist dating the much-admired actor.

"Wow I would very much be here for this relationship," wrote one Twitter user in response to the upload.

"Is this happening?!? Please say it's happening," tweeted another fan.

Other viewers praised Aly for giving them wholesome, heartwarming content to enjoy during a tumultuous time.

"In a day with a whole bunch of hate and lies trending this was a very refreshing change of pace. Thank you," read one tweet.

However, the two humans who participated in the creation of the video also received some criticism for their mask-less meetup.

"I'm hoping either Aly is in your pod (therefore dating you) or otherwise you guys had masks on, or both of you had been test within the last 14 days, cause we are in a pandemic and you guys should be more careful," wrote one Twitter commenter.

In another tweet, which can be viewed here, Aly revealed that Chris had brought his own dog, Dodger, over for a doggie play date. The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star filmed their pets interacting, and Aly shared some of his footage. He could be heard warning Dodger to "be gentle" as he chased Mylo around on a small patio.

Aly's legs also made an appearance in the clip. She was clad in burgundy leggings and a pair of white loafers. She could be heard commenting on how much larger Dodger was than her own puppy.