Muhammad Ali Hospitalized, Treated for Dehydration

Earlier today, reports emerged that former heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali was admitted admitted to the hospital in an emergency procedure after falling unconscious at home on Nov 19, five days after his last public appearance at the funeral of his great rival Joe Frazier.

According to the reports, Ali, 69, who has suffered with Parkinson’s Disease for 27 years, was rushed to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center having collapsed on the return to his family estate in Paradise Valley, Arizona, where he lives with wife Lonnie.

While it remains unclear how long the boxing icon stayed in the hospital, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported that Ali is now back at his home and is doing as well as can be expected.

A spokesman for the former world champion confirmed the news by releasing the following statement:

“While Muhammad Ali was treated for dehydration on November 19, he is currently at home, well, happy and carrying on with his daily routine.”

“Early reports were blown out of proportion,” the statement added.

Additionally, Jeanie Kahnke, a spokeswoman for the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, spoke with Ali’s wife, Lonnie, by phone Friday morning and that “he was right next to her asking for breakfast and that he was doing good,” ESPN has reported.

Muhammad Ali is scheduled to attend a celebration of his 70th birthday on January 19 in Louisville, Kentucky.