Steven Gerrard To Be Offered New Liverpool Contract, But He Might Reject It

Liverpool are set to offer a new contract to Steven Gerrard. However, there are rumors that he might actually reject it.

According to the Mirror [via the Express], Liverpool have offered the veteran midfielder a new short-term contract that would see him stay at the club for another 12 months.

Gerrard’s current deal runs out at the end of this season. However, despite the fact that he is widely regarded as Liverpool’s greatest ever player, there have been suggestions that Gerrard might decide to reject Liverpool’s contract.

Because his current contract runs out in the summer, Gerrard is actually able to talk to clubs about signing for them from January.

A source confirmed to the Mirror that Gerrard had indeed been offered a new contract. However, they then went on to confirm that he isn’t in any rush to actually sign the papers.

In the past, Gerrard has insisted that he will analyze his form and fitness before agreeing on a new deal. It’s believed that Brendan Rodgers still has faith in the former England captain’s ability to lead Liverpool.

Gerrard has had a poor start to the season by his standards, and this even led to him being dropped for the first time in 11 months over the weekend.

Because of this speculation has increased over whether he has fallen out with Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers. Gerrard has dismissed such accusations, and he even took the unusual step of reassuring fans that there was no bad blood between the duo.

Gerrard wrote on Instagram, “Just to set the record straight, talk of a fall -out between us two is nonsense.”

At the moment, it still seems likely that Gerrard will go on to sign on for at least another year with Liverpool. But what if Gerrard did decide to not sign the new contract that Liverpool have offered him? What would his next option be? Well, he could retire, which would mean he was a one-club player, something that has become increasingly rare over the years.

Or he could move abroad and ply his trade in the less glamorous leagues that are populated with players that aren’t anywhere near as talented as him. He would, of course, earn a handsome check this way, but it would also diminish his reputation when he does finally decide to retire.

What do you think Steven Gerrard should do?

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