Plumber Caught Dancing On The Job, Video Footage Goes Viral

When a plumber is usually caught doing something on the job other than what he was hired to do, chances are that he (or she) is either: sleeping, eating, talking on the phone or finding some other way to occupy their time.

However, you more than likely will not discover that the plumber has decided to spend their time dancing at the work site. YouTube user OGPlumbingDundee posted video footage of a plumber that decided to do just that on YouTube earlier this week and that footage went viral.

The person that recorded the footage decided to sneak up on the plumber (possibly because of hearing the dance music that was playing in the background) and caught the entire thing on camera.

Should a plumber like this guy be fired for not doing his job or praised for finding a creative and enjoyable way to get the job done while having fun doing it?

Perhaps the dancing plumber in this video can teach us all a valuable lesson – especially when it gets to the point where we start taking our own jobs too seriously.

Perhaps you can liven things up a bit during your own workday with a little impromptu dance session. Keep in mind that the dancing session would not have to last very long at all – and chances are that you should at least check your corners to make sure that no one is filming you.

What do you think? Can you learn a lesson from watching the dancing plumber at “work?” Or, is the lesson that you learn from the dancing plumber just to do the exact opposite?