Killer Mike’s On Ferguson: Rapper’s Grand Jury Speech Goes Viral, ‘Justice Is Not Always Served’

On the night of Monday, November 24, Killer Mike hit the stage at the Ready Room in St. Louis, Missouri. But, before he entertained the crowd, he had something that he wanted to share with the crowd.

The Atlanta-based rapper revealed the death of Michael Brown weighed heavily on his heart, but the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was more disheartening than the teen’s death. So, he decided to share his perspective during an impromptu speech before starting his show. The 39-year-old rapper stated that race relations and politics are usually intense topics of discussion for him, but it’s gotten worse with Brown’s untimely death.

“It’s been a continual conversation with my boys,” he said. “Their grandfather was a police officer, so their grandfather and I have both told them countless times about police interactions, about how you’re perceived as a young black man.”

The rapper openly expressed that the verdict was quite heartbreaking for him to hear. However, he still wanted to address the issue before performing, reports Black Media Scoop. So, while many outraged onlookers protested and rioted in the streets of Ferguson, Killer Mike was sharing his perspective of the ordeal. During the emotional speech, he also revealed why he took Brown’s death so hard.

“I knew it was coming and I knew when Eric Holder resigned, I knew it wasn’t going to be good,” he said through his tears. “I have a twenty-year-old son and a twelve-year-old son and I am so afraid for them.” Although his feelings were difficult to put into words, the crowd openly supported his efforts. “When I stood in front of my wife and I hugged and I cried like a baby, and I said ‘These motherf—–s got me today,'” he said.

Footage of the speech has been uploaded to YouTube and now has more than 300,000 views.

[Image via DIY-Mag]