Josie Duggar Meets The Doctor Who Helped Save Her Life, Would Not Let Go Of Her Hero

Josie Duggar is the youngest member of the large Duggar clan featured on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting. Josie will be five-years-old this December and according to Michelle Duggar, her proud mother, she is doing well.

Josie came into the world prematurely on December 10, 2009. She weighed a meager 1 pound, 6 ounces and was delivered via emergency Caesarean section. Michelle was rushed to the hospital when she thought she was suffering from gallstones; however, once at the hospital, doctors discovered that she had preeclampsia and rushed to perform an emergency delivery.

Josie remained in the hospital for almost four months. It was not until April 6, 2010, that the Duggars were able to take Josie out of the hospital. However, doctors were not comfortable allowing Josie to return to the family’s Tontitown home as it was too far from the Little Rock hospital. Therefore, the Duggars stayed in one of their rental properties in Little Rock until the doctors approved the long distance move. Finally on June 23, 2010, almost six months after her birth, the Duggars were finally able to take Josie home to Tontitown.

In a recent post to Michelle’s personal family blog, she discusses how Josie recently was able to meet the doctor that delivered her in the hospital. Michelle says that the family had invited the doctor and his wife over for dinner so that Josie could meet the person who helped save her life. Michelle told Josie that this man was used by God to save the two of them.

“Tomorrow evening we are going to have the doctor over who delivered you. God used him to save your life and my life. The skills that he learned in school, and all of the training that he got, allowed him to sustain your life and mine.”

Michelle said she wanted Josie to “know what a blessing it is and how grateful we are for all the doctors and nurses that took care of us.” She said that Josie was very excited to meet the doctor and immediately began hugging his leg when he entered their home.

“When they arrived at the door the next day, you would have thought that it was the President of the United States coming in. As they were pulling into the driveway, Josie was standing at the window, jumping up and down looking for them. The minute her doctor stepped foot through the door, she hugged his leg and didn’t let go of him the whole time he was here. He picked her up and she hugged his neck, kissed him on the cheek and just would not let go.”

In honor of Josie’s upcoming birthday, TLC also posted a short video of Josie’s homecoming.