Doug Jones And Director David Fisher Excite Reddit Fans With Insights On ‘Nosferatu’

If you haven’t learned already, Nosferatu is getting a major reboot — thanks to Kickstarter — and Doug Jones from Hellboy is going to play the the famed vampire, Count Orlok. While lovers of the classics aren’t too thrilled to see the film get a major special effects flash and want to retain the 1920s eeriness of it all, younger fans are just excited to see one of the best sci-fi actors to play the part.

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Jones was kind enough to visit Reddit’s AMA forum and give fans a sneak peek on what they can expect on the upcoming film, directed by David Fisher. Fisher was also present during the Q and A, giving his directorial insights into the remaking of the classic horror film. Here are some of the most interesting questions asked.

Redditor Mellister18 writes, “Hi Doug! I’m teaching 5th graders careers in the arts. Every month we study a career like foley artistry, voice acting, sound editing… Ect. Next month I want to focus on creature acting. What was the moment you knew you were going to pursue a career in creature acting? What are some important things I can include in my lesson to share about your art? I would like to share with them that they can have a fulfilling career in the arts with out having to be a “famous rockstar” and or “baller” There are so many careers out there! I met you at a con and totally had a freak out moment hahaha it was an awesome moment!! You’re awesoeme!!! Biggest fan!!”


Doug Jones answers, “Anyone going into any career in the arts needs to be “called” to it in their hearts. Be the BEST at that art form that you can BEFORE you try to sell it (for actors that would mean doing all the training and freebees before trying to get the best agent or meet the best directors). I knew I wanted to be an actor when I saw goofy skinny guys on TV making me laugh, and giving my tall lanky self a sense of purpose (Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts, Bob Denver, Jim Nabours, the cast of Carol Burnett!)”

Redditor pmelins wrote, “Hi David! What is your inspiration for making Nosferatu and what is it like working with Doug?”

Fisher answered, “I’ve always loved the films from the German era of expressionism, and Nosferatu is my favorite along side The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The expressionistic concept of literally painting the hopes and fears of the characters and audience into the film’s world is an amazing idea. And also I’ve always felt these films are like “motion paintings” and something I’ve wanted to revisit since I was a kid. Working with Doug is amazing, although we share the same whacked out sense of humor. So Doug and I have a tendency to wander off into insane-asylum’ville. That’s when the crew just kind of has to take a coffee break and let us finish our comedy show for two.”

Read the rest of the AMA here. If you want to support the film, here is the Kickstarter page, currently sitting at $55,667 of the $60,000 goal.

[Image from Reddit]