‘Unfinished Business:’ Is Vince Vaughn Remaking His Own Movies?

Unfinished Business. The first trailer for the new Vince Vaughn trailer was released online earlier this week.

The film features Vince Vaughn going head-to-head against Sienna Miller as the primary antagonist of the film.

While you watch the trailer, one question that might briefly cross your mind is “Haven’t I seen this movie before?”

No. Unfinished Business is not an official remake by definition. Writer Steven Conrad did not go back in time several decades and find an older version of the same exact movie to remake with Vince Vaughn as the leading star.

However, any fan (or critic) of Vince Vaughn’s work knows that this is the same exact type of movie that Vince Vaughn has already created numerous times before.

How so? Pay attention to the actual story line of the film, which is explained through the clips of the trailer.

An undervalued and unappreciated employee has spent numerous years working for the same employer — achieving a high level of success in his position. However, he is forced to realize just how “replaceable” he is and ends up having to start from scratch — with the odds of succeeding against him.

(Similar Movie Plot: The Internship)

When he starts over, he decides to develop his own team of employees that is more of the underdog of the industry — especially since the people featured in his unqualified team of rejects seems to fail in comparison to his competitors.

(Similar Movie Plot: The Internship, Dodgeball)

One of the people on his new team is an employee with a lot of potential that is much younger than him who seems to be an easy target for insults at first. That is, of course, until Vince Vaughn brings him under his wing and might even turn him into a hero.

(Similar Movie Plot: Justin Long’s back-story and sub-plot in Dodgeball)

Even with the odds clearly against him, Vince Vaughn will more than likely use his witty punchlines and comic relief in addition to fitting in at least one line convincing someone else to join him in letting loose and making bad decisions to win over the crowd and (hopefully) the audience.

Once you start picking away at the movie, it will be kind of hard to find a Vince Vaughn movie that does not fit on the list of Vince Vaughn “remakes?”

Many people have played the game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by connecting actors and actresses to Kevin Bacon, right?

At what point will someone make up a game that connects the dots of Vince Vaughn’s movies together? Six Degrees of Vince Vaughn Movies, perhaps?

[Image Credit: The Guardian]