Mobile App Market Will Reach One Million Apps Next Week

Mobile app tracking firm MobileWalla has announced through the use of their real-time tracking platform that their will be one million available mobile apps available for Smartphones by next week.

The company’s prediction combines all of the major Smartphone OS operators (iOS, Google Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7). According to the company there are currently 987,863 apps available for download with approximately 2,000 new apps added daily.

Here’s the company’s full breakdown of current available apps:

  • 1. Apple – 590,138 apps (59.95 percent overall)
  • 2.Android – 320,315 (32.54 percent overall)
  • 3. BlackBerry – 43,544 (4.42 percent overall)
  • 4. Windows Phone 7 – 35,479 (3.6 percent overall)

When you consider that the Apple App store only opened in 2008 with Android following a considerable time afterwards it’s a major accomplishment for the mobile market. Since that time the notebook industry has been turned on it’s head as users continue to gobble up app friendly devices that can often run on a single charge for more than 24 hours.

Are you surprised to learn that the mobile app market is about to pass one million applications in just three short years?