November 16, 2020
Rebel Wilson's Trainer Reveals Secret Behind Her 50-Pound Weight Loss: A Bit Of Laughter

Rebel Wilson has lost a reported 50 pounds through a newly balanced diet and intensive workout regimen, but the 40-year-old's personal trainer said there was one more secret behind her incredible progress -- some laughter.

Celebrity trainer Jono Castano opened up about working with Wilson to reach her goals of getting healthier in 2020. Speaking to, Castano said he works with Wilson on a high-intensity interval training program five days every week. While the program is intense, the trainer said keeping the mood light is one of the keys to success.

"I love a bit of banter," he said. "It makes the session more enjoyable when people bounce off one another.

"You've got to enjoy coming to training. Most people don't enjoy getting shouted at, that's not what training is about. Rebel and I had a good laugh, so many laughs."
Wilson has earned some viral attention for her weight-loss progress. As The Inquisitr reported, the Pitch Perfect star has taken to social media to share a bit of her workout plans and show off her new physique. In a popular post from earlier this month, she showed off the 50-pound weight loss while posing in a black-and-white sports bra and spandex shorts.The post was a huge hit with her fans, with many offering compliments on the incredible progress she had made so far.

Wilson said that she wanted to spend all of 2020 getting into better shape, telling E! News that she knew there would be a lot of down time and wanted to make the best use of it by focusing on her health. While it has meant a lot of hard work, Wilson said she is still allowing herself some indulgences and trying to maintain balance in her diet and in the work.

Castano said he approves of the approach, noting that many people can get turned off at the idea of going on a diet, thinking it will mean having to completely overhaul their lifestyle.

"It's about enjoying your treats," he said. "You can still go out for drinks with your mates, as long as you're back on track the next day.

"You need to focus on a good balanced approach."
The work has helped the actress come within reach of her goals with still months left to go before the end of 2020. As The Inquisitr reported, Wilson revealed back in October that she was just six pounds away from her goal weight.