Florida State Trooper Saves Woman From Choking From Seatbelt That 4-Year-Old Daughter Put Around Her Neck

A Florida State Trooper saved the life of a mother who was being choked by a tight seatbelt on Thanksgiving. Trooper Brad Wagner was flagged down by the woman’s husband after the seat belt could not be removed and his wife was near unconscious.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, as reported by Bay News 9, Trooper Brad Wagner was patrolling the northbound lanes of the Suncoast Parkway on Thanksgiving night when he was flagged down by a man standing outside a 2010 Toyota parked on the outside shoulder of the highway near the mile 32 post in Pasco County. When Wagner stopped he saw the 38-year-old woman with her neck tangled in the tightened seatbelt.

Officials said that the seatbelt was accidentally placed around the mother’s neck when the couple’s 4-year-old daughter was resisting being buckled into her seatbelt. During the battle to get the seatbelt on the child, the child somehow slipped the seatbelt around the mother’s neck. The seatbelt then tightened and wouldn’t give, making it impossible for the woman to free herself. The husband attempted to get the woman’s neck free from the confines but was unable to as the seatbelt only tightened as he tried to loosen it.

WTSP reports that Trooper Wagner was able to use his knife to free the woman from the seatbelt by cutting the strap. After the woman was released she was still having trouble breathing so the trooper helped restore breathing until EMS could arrive. The woman was evaluated by local EMS responders but was released and able to continue on with their Thanksgiving following the scary ordeal.

This isn’t the first time the Trooper Brad Wagner has acted quickly and saved a life. Back on September 18, Trooper Wagner was nearby and responded quickly to a traffic crash. During this incident, Trooper Wagner found an unconscious driver who had been ejected onto the roadway; Wagner responded quickly by providing CPR which eventually saved that motorist. Therefore, it seems that Trooper Wagner has saved not one but two motorists while on duty just this autumn season.

Though a seatbelt almost claimed the life of this mother and wife, seatbelts are typically responsible for saving lives. That is why Bill Murray considers Ralph Nader the greatest living American. Murray said that Nader is responsible for saving millions of lives by introducing legislation to make seatbelts in new cars mandatory.

What do you think of the fast-acting trooper who saved the woman from the choking hold of her seatbelt? Do you think the little girl will ever fight her mom about getting in her seatbelt again, or did she learn her lesson?