Xenoblade Chronicles coming to North America next year, GameStop exclusive

Earlier this year, Nintendo fans kicked off a campaign to convince Nintendo to release Xenoblade, among other JRPGs, outside of Japan. The campaign ultimately succeeded, and Nintendo eventually caved in and released it in Europe.

Now, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up to release Xenoblade Chronicles over in the US next year. The news first broke out when GameStop accidentally let the news out a little early, listing the game as an April, 2012 release.

Nintendo has since confirmed the news by way of a press release, in which they also revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles will be retail-exclusive to GameStop for $49.99. If you insist on not buying it from GameStop, your only other option will be buying it from Nintendo’s website directly.

Back in July, there was a rumor that Nintendo was wrapping up localization on Xenoblade Chronicles. The rumor also said that Nintendo was working on localizing The Last Story, another JRPG that Operation Rainfall was campaigning to have released outside of Japan, but Nintendo has yet to make any announcements for that one.

Regardless, this is great news for Nintendo fans. Now Nintendo’s last round of games for the Wii before the release of the Wii U isn’t looking quite so.. awful