November 16, 2020
Lucy Robson Flaunts Her Hourglass Curves In A Tight Dress With A Plunging Neckline

Golf hottie Lucy Robson thrilled her 893,000 Instagram followers with her most recent share, a sizzling snap taken while she was out in nature. The ensemble she wore was from the online retailer Fashion Nova, a brand she has rocked on her Instagram page many times before. She tagged the label's own page in the caption of the post as well as in the picture itself, ensuring her followers would know where to find the look if they wanted it for themselves.

Lucy stood on a golf green that stretched out all around her, with several trees visible in the distance. The natural sunlight cast a breathtaking glow over the entire frame, from the natural beauty to Lucy's blond locks.

Her dress featured a neckline that extended an inch or so up her elegant neck, and the piece had a long black zipper that stretched from her throat all the way down to her waist. She had the zipper a little over halfway unzipped, placing a tantalizing amount of cleavage on display.

The entire garment was crafted from an eye-catching graphic black-and-white print that looked stunning against her sun-kissed skin, and it had a figure-hugging fit. The long sleeves hugged her slender arms, and the torso stretched over her ample assets and slim waist. The piece had a fabric belt crafted from the same printed material, which accentuated her hourglass curves.

The bottom portion of the look likewise flattered her curvaceous figure, stretching over her hips and thighs. She held a golf club in her hands and kept her gaze focused on something in the distance as she posed for the steamy snap.

She kept the accessories simple, adding a delicate necklace with a circular pendant, and her long blond locks were pulled up in a high ponytail. A few strands remained loose, framing her flawless features.

Her fans absolutely loved the update, and the post received over 30,900 likes within 21 hours of going live. It also racked up 488 comments from her eager audience in the same time span.

"You look so beautiful Lucy," one fan wrote.

"I can never remember my dreams, but I assume you are always in them," another follower added flirtatiously.

"Sweet smile, beautiful dress, exquisite curves!" a third fan remarked.

"You, your favorite dress on the front 9, and your favorite bikini on the back," another follower commented, answering the question that Lucy posed in the caption.

A few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Lucy tantalized her audience with another steamy ensemble. She wore a skintight white outfit with a simple yet sexy silhouette, and the look hugged her curves while also showing off a serious amount of cleavage.