Roger Daltrey Gives Impromptu Performance At Fan’s Wedding

When Roger Daltrey found out that fans of his legendary band, The Who, were celebrating their wedding at the hotel in which he was staying, the singer didn’t hesitate to accept a request that he give an impromptu performance that the groom described as “legendary.”

As the Daily Mail reports, Daltrey was staying at Marr Hall, a luxury golf and spa hotel outside Glasgow that Susan and Carl Smith had chosen for their reception. When Mrs. Smith spotted Daltrey, she approached him, and the singer agreed to a photograph. Though she instructed her guests not to bother Daltrey, Mr. Smith’s boss decided to ask him to get involved in the celebration, and the singer agreed to drop by the reception.

The wedding band stopped mid-song as Daltrey entered the room, taking the stage to give a short speech in which he congratulated the stunned couple in front of about 100 guests. When the crowd began to urge him to sing, Daltrey didn’t hesitate, joining in with the wedding band, Milestone. The decision almost went awry, however, as the group didn’t know any of The Who’s songs. As guitarist and singer Tommy Bell related, the band hardly let that stop them.

“When he came through to the room we knew we needed to play something.

“We were just in shock. Our guitarist Graham knew a bit of Can’t Explain so we just made it up as we went along.”

As the Mirror reports, Daltrey was staying at the resort ahead of a sold out show at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro. The Who are currently in the midst of their 50th anniversary tour, which they have confirmed will be their last large-scale run of shows.

After learning that Mr. Smith served in the military, Daltrey also paid tribute to the armed forces. Daltrey, who performed last year for the United States Congress, as the Inquisitr noted, was happy to thank many of the servicemen in attendance, according to Mrs. Smith.

“We’re fans of The Who so it was all just really excited. I think one of the main reasons he came in is that he wanted to thank all of those guys for their service.

“Afterwards we had a little chat and he was congratulating us and wished us health and happiness for the future. He was really sweet,” she added.

Following the wedding, the happy couple flew off to Thailand for a two week honeymoon while Roger Daltrey joined The Who’s lead songwriter and guitarist Pete Townsend onstage in Glasgow.

[Image via the Daily Mail]