February 6, 2015
'Bachelor' Chris Soules Compared To Juan Pablo: Shocking 'Twist' Expected At Final Rose Ceremony

Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor may end up being more dramatic than his predecessor, Juan Pablo Galavis's disastrous season finale. WetPaint reports that blogger Reality Steve has been alluding to the fact that a shocking "twist" at the final rose ceremony will have fans talking for days after the upcoming season of The Bachelor season ends.

"There's a twist so ugly, so unexpected, we'll feel like we've been Juan Pablo-d all over again."
What the twist is is still unknown, the Reality Show Report states that the ladies shown in the video preview for The Bachelor Season 19 "truly make crying look like a sport." Aside from the crying, there are rumors of at least one pregnancy test being taken on the show and an extreme amount of cattiness between the 30 girls cast for the show.Yes, that's 30 girls — not the usual 25 — who will compete to become the farmer's wife, or at the very least they will enjoy traveling on ABC's dime. However, if any of the girls expected to travel to exotic locations while filming Season 19 of The Bachelor, they it's likely they were deeply disappointed.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Chris and his ladies stayed in the U.S. for all but one episode — the overnight dates. His final three picks were whisked away to Bali to spend time in the infamous Fantasy Suite with the handsome farmer.

"The bottom line is, it doesn't matter where they film it. You watch for the drama, the cattiness, the dates, and then if you're really delusional – a love story."
Reality Steve's latest spoiler reveals that Chris and his final two ladies returned to Iowa for the final rose ceremony. Steve spoils that Chris Soules gets engaged to his final pick inside his parent's barn — that certainly sounds like a low-budget season-ender compared to past final rose ceremonies that were held in exotic destinations like Thailand and St. Lucia.

What about that rumored "twist"? Could the big twist be something as boring a barn engagement with farm animals looking on as witnesses? Perhaps the girl Chris Soules rejects rides off on his tractor and ruins his crops. Maybe the pregnancy test shown in the preview is positive and The Bachelor is about to become a first-time father. Or maybe Chris actually buys his own engagement ring instead of getting the freebie from Neil Lane.

For now, it's fun coming up with ridiculous scenarios while we wait for the upcoming season of The Bachelor to start on January 5. Fans may have to wait until the final rose ceremony airs to find out what the big twist is — unless Reality Steve decides to elaborate in an upcoming blog post.

[Image: Entertainment Weekly]