‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Threat Growing, Napolitano Said

You know how we were supposed to be scared about shadowy groups of terrorists who like, hate our Chevy Cruzers and double shot no foam skinny extra hot lattes or something?

The government now would like to add shadowy non-groups of people to the list of shadowy terrors of which we should be terrified while milling about Target trying to stimulate the economy this Christmas season. US Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano is in France to discuss the importance of international partnerships at a meeting of security chiefs at the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale, and she spoke more broadly about the issue of working together as nations to comprehensively protect citizens about the threat posed by both “lone wolf” terror suspects as well as secretive cabals.

“In our globalized economy, our international partnerships are critical to our nation’s domestic security, and strong international engagement and cooperation is essential,” said Napolitano at the Ecole Militaire. “DHS is committed to working closely with our allies and partners who face common threats to build a more secure and resilient nation while strengthening the commerce, travel, and communication networks that we all share.”

Napolitano highlighted US cooperation with other nations and added that the US currently has “more than 1,500 employees stationed abroad in 75 countries working bilaterally with nations and other major multilateral bodies and organizations to strengthen the security of the networks of global trade and travel.” Up next, Napolitano is headed to the Middle East, starting in Qatar, to discuss US involvement in global anti-terror initiatives and international law enforcement efforts.