Random Acts Of Pasta: Man Uses Olive Garden Pass To Feed The Homeless

Random Acts of Pasta.

That is the name that Matt Tribe gave his “campaign” to feed the homeless.

You see, Matt Tribe decided to take an Olive Garden offer that provides people with a substantial amount of pasta for a relatively low amount of money, and did something amazing with it.

Instead of focusing on his own appetite, he decided to use the Olive Garden offer to feed so many other people that more than likely needed the meal a lot more than him.

Several weeks ago, Olive Garden became a trending topic when the popular restaurant chain decided to offer Never Ending Pasta passes. Instead of paying for a one-time dining experience, the Never Ending Pasta Pass allowed a person to pay $100 and gain an unlimited supply of pasta, drinks, and salad for seven weeks.

Instead of planning out seven weeks of his own personal dining plans, Matt Tribe decided to create the “Random Acts of Pasta” project where he would use the unlimited supply of Olive Garden meals to feed the homeless.

The “Random Acts of Pasta” have turned Matt Tribe into a viral star — especially since the short documentary that he used to capture footage of his charitable efforts has been seen on YouTube nearly 250,000 times in the past week.

What do you think about Matt’s “random acts of pasta?”

[Image Credit: USA Today]