Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare: Over 3,000 Flights Delayed Or Cancelled

Thanksgiving 2014 kicked off with excellent timing, weather-wise, making things as brutal as possible for East Coast Thanksgiving travelers with a “Nor’easter” served up cold and nasty.

Going into the Thanksgiving weekend, NBC News reported more than 700 flights cancelled, with thousands of others delayed. Roads were covered with snow and ice also, making it equally tough on drivers, with hundreds of car accidents on the slippery Northeast roads.

The horrible conditions even made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declare a Thanksgiving travel state of emergency that included speed restrictions on major state routes and other significant roads. In Connecticut, meanwhile, there were reportedly at least 125 accidents, and 7,000 homes and businesses that lost their power.

But come Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, everything would be cleared up, right? Making another of the busiest traveling days of the year as pleasant as possible for exhausted Thanksgiving revelers looking forward to getting back home after the long weekend.

Nope. For many Thanksgiving travelers, that hope of being home for the start of the Christmas Season was only in their dreams, reports CNN.

Sunday night at 6:30 pm East Coast time saw more than 3,000 flights in the U.S. delayed, with another 190 canceled, the ongoing bad Thanksgiving travel news being provided by Flight Aware.

A reporter for CNN affiliate, KOMO, Denise Whitaker, was so stunned by the length of the Sunday morning security screening line at Chicago Midway International Airport that she went ahead and measured it.

The result? A ridiculous 1.2 miles.

Whether on the road or trying to fly, it’s no secret that the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend is always among the craziest of the year for travel with millions trying to get back home after the Thanksgiving holiday, but a security line over a mile long?

“This happens sometimes,” said Chicago Aviation Department spokeswoman, Karen Pride, very matter-of-factly. But what else could she say? Sometimes cliches like, “It is what it is,” are exactly right. “There was a period of time earlier this morning, between 6 am and 8 am, that lines were long because that is when most people are traveling for the holiday period,” continued Ms. Pride regarding the deplorable Thanksgiving travel conditions.

Despite the many Thanksgiving travel woes on Sunday, the conditions were actually better on the East Coast as far as snow fall on the highways was concerned, with “warmer and more tranquil conditions” for Thanksgiving travel around the country also.

But one glitch in the interconnected flight travel system and schedule, whether weather or some other calamity, can result in the airport nightmares that flying Thanksgiving travelers have experienced for Thanksgiving, 2014.

With that in mind, most Thanksgiving travelers choose to get behind the wheel and hit the road, 90 percent according to AAA, with current gas prices also helping people to make the decision.

But in the end, whether braving traffic or airports for traveling on Thanksgiving, it seems the best bet is to just have Thanksgiving at your house.

Image via Mass Live