Hockey Star Tyler Ennis Scores With An Epic No-Look Backhand Shot [Video]

Tyler Ennis.

The 25-year-old ice hockey player has an immeasurable amount of potential and talent in the rink. Even though hockey can be viewed as a relatively boring sport at times, it can also have its moments when it is absolutely amazing.

Tyler Ennis was able to create one of those amazing moments himself during a recent game against the Montreal Canadiens. The Buffalo Sabres forward and his team went head-to-head against the Montreal Canadiens in an intense game that had many fans and critics sitting on the edge of their seats.

At first glance, it may have seemed as if Tyler Ennis would lose complete control of the puck and his overall footing — especially since he started to stumble as he approached the goal. However, that was when Tyler Ennis did something that dropped the jaws of even the most skeptical critics — he successfully launched the puck without even looking — backwards. When the puck soared into the goal, a lot more was added to the moment besides just another point.

First and foremost, Tyler Ennis’ goal helped the Buffalo Sabres win the game against Montreal (2-1). Secondly, Tyler Ennis scoring that point with such an epic shot definitely captivated the attention of sports fans in general — even those that do not like ice hockey very much at all.

[Image Credit: Buffalo Hockey Beat]