Little Girl Lets Her Pet Baby Cow Play In The House [Video]

Have you ever thought about having a pet baby cow?

For many people, owning a cow at all might seem like a far-fetched pipe dream or unrealistic fantasy. Even farmers that own cows do not necessarily view them as pets. However, the little girl in this viral video titled “Oops I Let The Cow In…” is definitely an exception to that rule.

As you can see in the viral video, the pet baby cow is supposed to stay outside. However, the little girl made the mistake on this particular day of allowing the pet baby cow to come into the house. Its journey and overall “adventure” inside of the house was captured on camera and then uploaded to YouTube by Billie Jo Decker.

Even though the pet baby cow video was originally posted online back in April, it has recently started trending again — generating a total of more than 520,000 views.

When you see exactly how much fun the pet baby cow can be in this video, you might even want to get one of your own. What do you think?

[Image Credit: Flickr]