Family Claims Airline Food Killed Family Member, Files $1 Million Lawsuit

American Airlines and their food provider Sky Chefs are being sued for $1 million by a Miami family who claims that their family member became sick and then died after eating a chicken meal provided by the food provider and airline.

According to the family Othon Cortes was headed home from Barcelona when they ordered a chicken meal, by the time they had reached their connecting flight in New York they were experiencing “clear outward manifestation of severe physical illness.”

According to CNN the family says Cortes was experiencing nausea, shortness of breath and a cardiac “event” by the second flight, forcing American Airlines to make an emergency landing in Virginia.

By the time the plane reached the airport Cortes was already dead.

Sky Chefs, which offers in-flight meals for more than 300 airlines has asked that their involvement in the lawsuit be dismissed since they claim to have not catered the flight in question.

In the meantime officials at American Airlines have not yet commented on the passengers illness and their involvement in the event.

I’m typically not worried about Airline food killing me but I try to avoid the cardboard tasting meals whenever I can. Are you afraid to eat airline food after reading about this lawsuit?

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