Liam Payne Responds To Selfie-Gate, Explains His Resting Grumpy Face

Liam Payne wants One Direction fans to know that they shouldn’t expect him to wear a fake smile plastered on his face 24-7. As you can see, Liam doesn’t want to be the Joker — he’s more of a Batman fan.

Liam Payne Batman

Liam is no superhero, but his smile is almost a superpower. By simply flashing his pearly whites, the One Direction singer can make millions of girls swoon. But with great power comes with great responsibility — Payne has to be careful not to flash that famous grin of his too often.

Liam Payne was doing his best not to abuse his superpower while taking photos with fans at the ARIA Awards in Australia. In between selfie snaps, Liam rocked a grumpy resting face that was captured on video. You can check out the One Direction star’s facial gymnastics in the Vine clip below.

According to The Daily Telegraph, this Vine video quickly went viral. Some Directioners thought the clip was funny, and others complained about Liam Payne being fake with his fans. After the press got wind of the video, Liam’s supporters were quick to defend his method of taking speed selfies with fans.

@Real_Liam_Payne Liam baby we want you to smile if you are happy and not bc you have to Your smile is the most beautiful thing on earth

— Niall Horan (@chenloves1d) November 27, 2014

Liam also felt the need to defend himself. He took to Twitter to tell his followers that he was simply feeling tired that day, and he pointed out that many people aren’t wearing “real” smiles whenever they pose for photos. Perhaps he was hoping that his fans would remember how annoyed they get whenever they’re forced to take family photos during the holidays.

It looks like Liam Payne eventually made the decision to hire a smiling chimp as his One Direction replacement.

This isn’t the first time Liam Payne has had to defend himself on Twitter. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he once lashed out at fans who were upset with him for showing his support for the Duck Dynasty cast. Liam made his declaration of Duck love shortly after Phil Robertson made derogatory comments about gay men, so many One Direction fans feared that Payne was letting the world know that he shares Robertson’s homophobic views.

Liam has learned that life in the spotlight can be difficult and tiring, and he’s not the only member of One Direction who has been spotted looking like he’s simply over it. According to the Mirror, the entire band looked “subdued and weary” when they arrived at Heathrow Airport after their trip back from Australia. There are also rumors that Zayn Malik is “exhausted and sick of fame.”

Do you think Liam Payne looks sick of his fans in the Vine video above? Or is he showing Directioners that he appreciates them by trying to take as many selfies as he can during the limited amount of time he has to meet his admirers?

[Image credits: NOW, Liam Payne/Instagram]