WWE News: Triple H vs. Ryback Match At Royal Rumble Already Called Off?

Two men that aren’t CM Punk made it into the news over the past few days. Triple H, COO of the WWE, was at the crux of some of Punk’s comments on Colt Cabana’s podcast. In short, the COO and the Straight Edge Savior never saw eye-to-eye. That isn’t just dirt sheet-information folks. CM Punk meant exactly what he said. After the podcast came and went, rumors began to swirl that Triple H was absolutely furious with Punk. If I were HHH, I’d be mad too.

Another man that became the center of all Punk’s frustration is Ryback. There were numerous outbursts on the podcast that Punk noted that included the Big Guy, or better known as, “Steroid Guy.” Apparently, Ryback took 20 years off the life of CM Punk. Whether those allegations are exaggerations or not, they are still harsh.

Ryback proceeded to respond by calling Punk a liar and that he will be exposed soon enough. Just like Ryback is known for, those tweets at Punk have since been deleted. The whole reason those two men were brought up had something to do with their rumored bout at the Royal Rumble. According to Ringside News, those plans could change, or have already changed.

We noted lat week that WWE officials have discussed having Ryback and Triple H wrestle a match in 2015.

There was talk of possibly doing the match at the 2015 Royal Rumble but there’s speculation now that Ryback’s recent RAW match with Cesaro may have soured officials on the idea of having him wrestle Triple H.

On top of the speculation about Ryback’s poor match, the fact that he once again went on a minuscule tirade on Twitter didn’t help things either. Having a match with Triple H had the potential to elevate Ryback’s career. He’s already scheduled to face Kane at TLC. After Ryback defeats Kane, that would entail a match with Triple H is on the horizon. It sounds a bit similar to CM Punk’s feud, if he were to have pursued that.

WWE does a lot of monitoring when it comes to social media. They really try to minimize the controversial comments that are put forward. The rule of thumb dictates that when it’s on the internet, it truly never goes away. Following that rule is very wise for anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account.

In the podcast, CM Punk talked about a time where he had an accident in the ring and put the word s*** on Twitter. They complained and made Punk take it down. He was frustrated that it wasn’t fun anymore. Well, the WWE is a publicly-traded company that needs to worry about investors. Regardless, the actions of Ryback may just ruin another one of his pushes. If it is due to the Twitter rant, then Ryback might just need to get rid of Twitter altogether. Unlike Tim White, that would be wise.

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